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We offer different guarantee options to our clients as some will need a higher level of cover than others. If you’re buying or selling a house then it’s likely that your bank/lender will require a higher level of protection. You can see our options below:


Our standard guarantee is issued by us and covers your land for 2 years, for any regrowth’s which might appear in the previously treated area.


Contractors, like us can offer guarantees for as many years as they like, but if the contractor was to close down then their guarantee would be worthless. An Insurance Backed Guarantee would honour the contractors guarantee for the remainder of the time that the original guarantee was valid for.

In our case we work with Peacocks Insurance Services Ltd to offer either a 5 or 10 years Insurance Backed Guarantee which are priced accordingly and included in your survey report for you to chose from.

We wanted to provide you with high levels of protection to put you and your bank/lender at ease and this is why we offer standard and insurance backed guarantees. This way you can cover your management programme to suit your needs.

For full terms and conditions please give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to go through any questions you might have. We have sample reports and guarantees which we can forward to you, your bank/lender or other body for reference.