That’s right, early sightings of Japanese knotweed shoots have already been spotted in Scotland. That means it’ll soon be rearing its ugly head down here too. I’ve put this guide together so you can know what to look for and what to do if you do spot the pesky weed.

When Japanese knotweed grows its looks just like asparagus sticking out of the ground with a reddish colouring. There can be 1 stand or 100 and will start off pretty short but will grow rapidly.

We’d normally recommend checking any areas of land near railway lines, water or waste sites but these days Japanese knotweed will grow just about anywhere it can, so be vigilant and look out for it among your every day plants/shrubs, in your gardens and local areas.

You can see an image of Japanese knotweed sprouting below:

New Shoots JK

If you do spot this on your land:

1. Do not attempt to remove, cut, stamp or kill it.
2. Try and isolate the area or mark it out for reference.
3. Don’t disturb the soil/ground around the growth and if possible, any land within 7 meters.
4. CONTACT A PROFESSIONAL CONTRACTOR such as Pennine Knotweed Removal (us) and arrange for a survey to be conducted ASAP.

If the weed is on neighbouring land then you should inform the owner ASAP and then point them in our direction.

We’ve dealt with many cases of Japanese knotweed and as long as it’s being dealt with, there is absolutely nothing to worry about!

I hope this guide helps and if you do need to contact us, please call 0800 138 3143.