The problem: Mr B came to us with a very common problem; he had bought a house which he had found to have Japanese Knotweed present. We conducted a survey and there it was, dotted around his garden in multiple locations all spreading from one main crown.

The solution: He wanted to tackle the problem ASAP as 2 of the infestations were in a severely close proximity to the property itself, so we did. We used both foliar and stem injection methods for chemical treatment to eradicate the Japanese knotweed and after the first couple of treatments the growth had been stopped and the infestations had died off considerably.

The first 3 pictures show the weeds at the time of the survey and then last 2 images show the same are of infestations after the first 2 treatments.

The result: Of course, 2 treatments don’t remove Japanese knotweed completely but they will have significantly impacted the rhizome system (root system) and this is what our main goal is. After a further 6 treatments over 2 years, we will have eradicated the rhizome system completely.
Project Details
  • Client Mr B
  • Date 2015