The problem: Mr Z had recently bought this property which he suspected had Japanese Knotweed present.

The solution: He hired us to perform the survey and sure enough we found that Japanese knotweed was growing around the inside of his back garden.

This was a problem as he planned to renovate and sell the property so for potential buyers and their banks/lenders, he needed to have a professional treatment plan in place and for treatments to start ASAP.

Of course, we provided all of this and helped Mr Z deal with banks and other bodies to reassure them that the weed was under control.

At the time of the survey we pictured the various infestations and as you can see, in the first 3 pictures, the weed is alive and kicking. In the final 3 pictures you can see that the visible part of the weed is completely dead and this was taken just a few months after the treatment programme started.

The visible part of the weed is always the first to die off so this was expected. However, it’s the rhizome system that is the main target. Through it’s rhizome system (roots) the weed is nurtured and spreads like wild fire.

The result: Our products worked their magic, attacking the rhizome system and had stopped the weed from spreading and growing any further.

There will be a small amount of grow back in the spring time and this is when we will tackle the weed again, each time destroying the rhizome system even further until it is completely eradicated. 3 years and this weed will be completely eradicated.

Project Details
  • Client Mr Z
  • Date 2015