Mrs K came to us with a weed problem; it had grown very tall and spread across a large area and she suspected it was Japanese Knotweed. This infestation was on a site used for business and the car park was being affected by this huge weed.

We surveyed the area and it was Japanese Knotweed, quite a large infestation of Japanese knotweed actually and it was also encroaching in to neighbouring, residential land.

We recommended our management programme made up on 9 treatments, applied both foliar and by stem injection to attack the weed quite aggressively and stop any further spread ASAP. Treatment started almost immediately and after the first treatment, the size of the weed had started to deplete.

In the first 2 images you can see just how mature this infestation was, growing taller than the fence and encroaching on to land adjacent. In the final 3 images you can see that the visible part of the weed was destroyed and the area completely cleared. the rhizome system however will be in hibernation and when it returns from its slumber, in the spring, there will be a small amount of growth once again.

This growth will allow us to combat the rhizome system once again and after the remaining 6 treatments have been applied, the weed will be completely eradicated and the land left Japanese knotweed free!

Project Details
  • Date 18 May 2015
  • Client Mrs R