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When you receive your management programme as part of your survey report, it will include a breakdown of the treatment method, dates for treatment and the costs associated with eradication. As mentioned before, our management programmes are accepted by banks/lenders however if they do require a sample copy we can arrange that for you – no problem!
The robust contents of our management programmes are as follows:

  • Treatment programme including dates and costs.
  • Conditions of the treatment programme,
  • Application method details.
  • What to expect from the weed when treated and in hibernation.
  • Waste management.
  • Advice on how to treat the area infested while being actively treated.
  • Your Guarantee options.

Don’t worry – the conditions are only there to ensure all treatments are applied and eradication is successful!

The success of this eradication management is guaranteed by one of 3 options; 2 year standard guarantee, 5 year Insurance Backed Guarantee or 10 year Insurance Backed Guarantee. To find out more about our guarantee please visit the page.

Treatment Options

One of the main reasons for failure in controlling Japanese Knotweed or any other invasive weed is due to their root systems known as rhizomes. These systems are incredibly extensive and deep rooted, often extending some 3 metres into the ground and 6-7 metres outwards. There may be many stands connected together via their rhizome system with all plants benefiting from the ability to share energy. If you kill just the visible part of the plant you can guarantee it won’t be the last you see of your invasive weed problem.

By far the cheapest and one of the most effective treatments for the eradication of Japanese Knotweed is Safe Chemical Control. Our chemical control service is effective, efficient and affordable so DON’T spend thousands of pounds using other methods.

  • Advantages of Chemical control:

    • Cost effective treatment charges spread over 3 years.
    • No risk of spread to other areas – the weed is treated in the originating spot.
    • Easily administered.

After an Invasive Weed Survey has been conducted and on acceptance of our Eradication Management Programme, treatments will commence ASAP, ensuring the weed has 2 or 3 treatments depending upon the (if applicable) before the winter time. This is when Japanese Knotweed naturally dies back and hibernates until the spring, when the weed will return stronger, spreading much more aggressively than the previous year, unless controlled by our chemical treatments.
We offer 2 methods of treatment for Japanese Knotweed and most other invasive weeds:

1: Application by Knapsack Spraying
2: Stem Injection

Application by knapsack spraying will kill both the visible and underground rhizome system of the weed effectively and is the most common form of eradication. In larger spreads of the JK, channels are cut through the infestation to allow the product to reach the whole infestation. On smaller infestations the method is to simply spray the affected area.
Stem Injection is more specific; the product is injected directly into the stands of the weed and quickly travels in to the rhizome system, eradicating the whole infestation more aggressively.

We often use a combination of the 2 applications to aggressively attack the weed and this way the effectiveness of the product is much more intense.
We also work with Japanese Knotweed Ltd; a Japanese knotweed contractor who works on a national scale taking care of the excavations for us for both residential and commercial clients who need the weed removing instantly. This is expensive but sometimes necessary!
Our programme of eradication usually lasts around 3 years. For larger infestations, programmes of up to 5 years may be put in place. We re-assess the growth at the beginning of each year of the programme which starts around April/May time.

When we have successfully eradicated the weed you will receive confirmation of this in the form of a certificate of eradication and then a guarantee period of your choice, of up to 10 years will be put in place. These guarantees ensure that the weed is completely eradicated and covers any costs associated with further treatments should there be any re-growth.

Most banks and other lenders accept the conditions of our Insurance Backed guarantees, especially so with 10 years of cover.
Before you book a survey with us, if you have any queries about our programme of eradication or guarantee options please do contact us, we are always happy to help!